[Recruitment] Contribute Your Life

This is GOTENSION which is some kind of an international hipster magazine based on Seoul, Korea so called a sacred place of K-pop.

We recruit nerdy people who contribute their daily life every time they want. You can write about literally everything happened around you briefly in your native language such as English or Spanish, French, everything else. Sometimes meeting people who have different and diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic bases would be fun and also educational. Probably you can get priceless and invaluable opportunity to communicate and exchange with a bunch of hip people on the other side of the world.


Follow only three steps.

1) Your profile picture. (e.g. JPG or something like that).

2) Short introduction of yourself. (incl. Social media account if you want).

3) A piece of writing of yours. (Your story, something fun, trivial and intellectual).


Just send us those stuff.



Contribute your life. Thank you.


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