Lost In Unknown World

I’m just here, but do i exist in the right place? I doubt.. I’m standing here but I’m not seeing any place for me, I’m not seeing even a small spot that is for me, since forever i was always feeling as if I’m just a superfluity, not even a human, just a thing that has no place here but it’s still here…

I miss the place where i really belong, the place that really gives me the feeling of existence and makes me be like ~yeah this is my place, here where i don’t feel as a superfluity, here where i feel that i have a place that exists for me, to be in~

I miss that place, there where i’ll find my happiness, there where i’ll keep only smiling, because here where i found only tears falling from my eyes, i cried enough, isn’t it time for me to smile yet? I already got tired much more than enough, isn’t it time for me to get some rest yet? I spent all the past time alone seeing only darkness and hatred around me, so… isn’t it time for me to find a family and live in love and light? Isn’t it time for me to be happy? Or was i born to suffer?

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