Teacher Kim, Dr. Romantic

Did someone else watch this K-drama?

Hi! I’m Kat and I like to watch K-drama, not all I must to say… my first medical drama was called “Dr. Stranger” and I loved it was an excellent theme about cardio thoracic surgery and although I really really love to Lee Jong Suk, I still found some things wrong into the medical theme, well but that is another topic.

I just have seen three chapters from doctor romantic and I must say: OMG! I love the passion for the medicine from Dr. Kim and how although Dr. Yoon and Dr. Kang has their own problems and even when they have differences in their opinions, they work together for try to save someone.

Obviously it has mistakes but it’s okay… being a doctor isn’t easy, and what I like in this drama is how they are showing the humanistic side of medicine. Sometimes doctors has a lot of work, and many nights awakes taking care of his patients and suddenly the bad humor is presents…

We are also human, we feel, we are worried, we are sometimes sad with our patients, we are so happy when our patients are healthy!! But we are sometimes tired… Even when we have hard times, is good to have a teacher who teach us and remember us about why we decided study medicine, because we love life.

Anyway, I hope this Kdrama can fill my expectations!!

Do you already watch It? Tell me your opinion!!

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