He wishes for the cloths of Heaven

What are timeless poems? Those are that do not fade away and shimmers even
though long period of time has passed after the creation of the poem. Definitely, literature
does change with the flow of the time. The style, major content and terms changes, as we can
easily compare and recognize the difference between the poem from the Shakespearean age
and the poem from the 21 st century. However, though the form has been changed, the main
function of poem remained still, which is influencing the reader’s emotions and thoughts.
Especially when the piece of poem mainly handles the very basic emotion of human,
especially love is the most common and popular. In “He wishes for the cloths of Heaven,”
W.B Yeats successfully evokes the emotion of honest and devoted love with pursuit of
banality, and the thoughtful use of imagery and repetition.

Sometimes poets often use simple but strong sentences rather than the long and
complex sentences to appeal to certain emotions. Also, while sentence structure that fits
perfectly to grammar that contains extraordinary terms gives the image of professionalism
and degree of completion, sentences built with easy words and simple grammar makes more
child-like and pure image of the narrator, which gives the impression of honesty. Likewise,
“The blue and the dim and the dark cloths of night and light and the half-light”(3) connected
the words with “and”, not the commas. And this makes the narrator sound more honest and
sincere while confessing his love.

Repetition is also an important factor when discussing about poetry. Clearly,
repetition not only establishes the overall rhyme of the poem, but also emphasize the concept
that the poet tried to stress. Here also, Yeats used lots of repetition of words, such as “cloths”,
“light”, “your feet” and “my dreams,” placed with accordance with abab cdcd rhyme scheme,
and this helps the readers acknowledge and focus on the theme of the poem. To look at more
closely, repetition of “my dream” in “But I, being poor, have only my dreams– Tread softly
because you tread on my dream”(8), emphasize the devotion of love, the gravity of love, also
how much the lover is significant in his life, since he is giving his everything to her, and she
is one of the greatest thing that he has.

In any poems, precise and clever use of imagery greatly enhances the quality of the
poem, making readers easily draw the poem in their mind and understand the meaning more
easily. The fact that the poet can affect human’s visual, is effectual tool that can affect the
reader’s particular emotion. Imagery not only makes the poem more beautiful, but also more
touching, easier to sympathize. Yeats uses imagery almost from the start to the end, for
instance “Enwrought with golden and silver light,”(2) makes readers easily visualize the
concept of the heavens’ cloths.

Thus, the use of poetic devices all over the poem, made what the author tried to
deliver clearer, especially emphasizing honest and devotion of the narrator of this poem, and
showing how great their love toward their lover is. This made this poem timeless,
successfully showing and delivering the sincere love towards someone.

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