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Artistic Factory Tour


Hi, guys! I’m Ungyu, the Editor in Chief, Advice Columnist who runs a multilingual international independent magazine <GOTENSION> Based in Seoul, Korea. Bachelor of Arts in Department of Cinema Studies at Korea National University of Arts. I was born and raised in Seoul. I love all different types of arts.

I’ve been teaching Korean in English to people from all over the world since 2016. Most of all, I’m such a traveler, so I’ve visited around over 30 countries so far, exploring the whole world and cultural differences. I’ve also made a counseling book and a travel documentary movie for international film festivals.



We visit the iron and steel industrial complex which is combined with arts such as statues, wall paintings, artistic restaurants, pubs and cafes. It’s also known for the filming location of Hollywood movie, ‘Avengers 2’. You may imagine like The Factory which was Andy Warhol’s New York City studio, which had three different locations between 1962 and 1984 from the title, but it has a total different vibe.

I personally consider this neighborhood as a beautiful mess because of a chaotic combination, so I highly recommend this site as a photogenic spot. Not only I introduce and explain the history about this place and industrialization of Korea but also I take your pictures for your Instagram and such.


Where you’ll be

Mullae Arts Village


What we provide

Tour guiding, Instagrammable pictures



Mullae Station exit 7

You can come out from exit 7 of Mullae Station station on time. That’s it!


Keep these in mind

In case of rain, take an umbrella with you.





Get on board

Ask me the exact date, time and such!

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