How to Make Money Online Without Working (2020 Guide)

You may wonder how to make money without working. Probably you’re sick and tired of your rent, installment, mortgage and such. Then stop working. Quit your job. Say goodbye to your boss. Slap your boss’s ass. Left, right.. (It went too far. I mean you gotta go with a right one first). Anyway I’m sure that you can make money with a minimum effort. How? The answer is online. You should do something unusual in the internet pop culture which is everything in this world where we live. Definitely it would be an easy peasy life hack (or not).

First, make your own YouTube channel and get monetized. And do something very obnoxious in public. You can crawl around McDonald’s like Filthy Frank. (Rip). And you would be like, “HAMBURGER PLS!” Nah. That’s too cliche that everybody knows. People hate plagiarism. People love originality. You’d better shout it like, “HAPPY MEALS PLS!” instead. But if you’re too shy and introverted for that or you just don’t wanna sacrifice yourself too much, I give you an another plan that you can take. No need to be obnoxious nor audacious in this case. Simpler.

Get a flight ticket. And go to the Amazon rainforest by yourself. This area is huge, you know. It’s belonging to nine nations such as Brazil (with 60% of the rainforest), Peru (with 13%), Colombia (with 10%) and Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. But it really doesn’t matter where you go. Just go. And live there making vlogs with your camera for 24 hours. I guarantee that you will be a millionaire right away.