Korean calligraphy in English


Hi, guys! I’m Ungyu, the Editor in Chief, Advice Columnist who runs a multilingual international independent magazine <GOTENSION> Based in Seoul, Korea. Bachelor of Arts in Department of Cinema Studies at Korea National University of Arts.

I’ve been teaching Korean in English to people from all over the world since 2016. Most of all, I’m such a traveler, so I’ve visited around over 30 countries so far, exploring the whole world and cultural differences. I’ve also made a counseling book and a travel documentary movie for international film festivals.



We write together what you want to write about. I coach you in terms of drawing strokes. My mother is a semi-professional calligrapher, she used to teach me how to make a piece of stylish handwriting. So I’d like to share some Korean version of handwriting skills with teaching Korean alphabet called Hangul. Literally you can master Korean letters in a few hours, and I strongly believe this would be most fun and educational way to get used to it.


Where you’ll be

We meet up at a cozy cafe which has really good coffee and different types of teas like hibiscus, assam, darjeeling, ceylon uva, peppermint, green tea and such.


What we provide

Korean alphabet handout, brush pen, papers, artworks that you can get framed



A Twosome Place Hapjeong station (투썸플레이스 합정역점 in Korean)

Google 투썸플레이스 합정역점. The address is 5 Dongmak-ro 5-gil, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea. You can come out from exit 6 of Hapjeong station on line 2 or 6 and turn left. Walk only a few steps. You can’t miss it!


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