Pray And Stay Positive And

Pray. That’s the only thing that you can do about everything in this terrifying world (Violence, disease, incident, et cetera, fuckin’ hell). By doing so, you can stay positive no matter what happens. Do you know what’s the good thing about being positive? Everything can be something that depends on your definition. I give you some examples. Did you lose your job? Good. Now you can get a whole lot better job. Somebody hates you in your school? Very good. You can get a wonderful opportunity that you beat the shit of him or her. Yeah, I mean it. I’m being serious.

As you know, our lives are full of shit. There’s literally nothing we can control and change about. Sounds horrible but let’s just say your dad is dead. What’re you gonna do about it? What if your plastered uncle shits on his dead body in the darkness. What’re you gonna do about it? Clean that shit? You would be like “Isn’t it an Indian curry or something?” Really? Is that all? Give him a fucking advice for the rest of his life? Well, I know probably you’re gonna do something that you can ameliorate a situation at least in reality but that’s actually nothing.

Bottom line is we gotta think out of the box unflinchingly beside a praying to God. We all need to explore a counterintuitive, fundamental thinking over some cliche that we might believe in. It’s time to wake up (I mean it’s not a great time for jerking off). Well, cut the bullshit. Thing is like I’m gonna write about a back side of our common sense and it’s probably more like a back side of everything on this planet. I truly hope this book inspires you that you can get a new, fresh perspective as a rear window of your life.