We All Live in A Vice City

We all live in a vice city. Technically there’s a certain portion of people who bite you off like a zombie out there. If you treat those kind of people nice, they may look down on you and take advantage of you at some point. They always belittle and bitch people around to make sure their psychological comfort and stability. Chances are you might be able to meet those kind of people at the school, the office and such on a daily basis. You gotta go through it. I root up for you.

Personally I categorize this type of people as a self-defensive cunt. Wow, language, huh? I found that some people used to apologize them to avoid that awkward situation when they’re bitching around. I give you some another decent options instead. You should have said, 1) “Oh, I’m so sorry, it’s my fault. My bad… I didn’t mean that.. And are you fucking stoned?” 2) “Oh, I’m sorry, my apologies… It’s.. Are you fucking stoned?” 3) “Oh.. Are you fucking stoned?” Pick one.

But seriously how are we suppose to deal with them? Don’t give a fuck. Just don’t give a shit at all. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a smug, indifferent, coldblooded, creepy psychopath. How can we don’t feel anything about it? We’re all human. But you can minimize it. Laugh at it. What I’m saying is a certain possibility that we might be able to not to be uncomfortable that much in all shitty situations around us. We gotta feel pity for those zombies or self-defensive cunts, whatever they’re called, in the name of Dr. Phil. Joking.

Remember. They’re pathetic. They just can’t accept themselves and project their problems onto us because of their anxiety, insecurity, uncertainty inside. That’s why they have been struggling to hold a dominant position with a transient fake self-esteem. So if you find a person acting like that way, just say 3) “Oh.. Are you fucking stoned?”

Sorry, I just got distracted. You can’t swear. You know, our society is pretty wild like a jungle. To be fair, jungle is wild but very simple with a simple principle. A Lion eats a buffalo. But this vice city is extremely complicated and complex as hell with gossiping, cheating, lying, being mean, choosing sides, deception and so on. Also we can knock an old granny bitch down when we’re pissed off in a local grocery store, but we can’t do that with a responsibility under the law.

Alright, cut the crap. Thing is you need to be insanely honest about yourself eventually. Because you can’t be honest with a social interaction at all. You need a ventilation as a liberation. So if you have to interact with or bump into a self-defensive cunt, get back home as soon as possible and write what happened down in all fucking great honesty. That saves your life.